Drone Inspection Services Provider

We are dedicated company which can provide drone inspection services for a wide range of industries which want constantly to improve the working flow process.

Wind Industry

Solar Energy

Power Grid

Oil & Gas



Application in Industries

The use of drone inspection services has constantly increased during the last few years and is rapidly becoming the preferred option for many operators from Wind Industry, Energy, Power Grid, Solar Panels, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Construction fields etc.
Technology used

We are delighted in using the DJI platform with drones like DJI Matrice - DJI Inspire or DJI Mavic with different payload such as cameras with: High resolution, High Zoom, Thermal, Infrared, 3D Mapping. The drone and payload is custom selected by complexity of the mission and the requirement of the customer to achieve the result expected. The drone inspection operations are made only by experienced pilots certified with many hours of flight in autonomous or manual mode.
Advantage of Drone Inspection

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